Stream Restoration Incorporated is a non-profit organization whose mission focuses on the restoration of streams impacted by abandoned coal mine drainage.  For decades, abandoned mine drainage has degraded streams in the eastern United States.  Problems associated with abandoned minelands are so extensive that alone neither federal, state, or local governments nor the mining industry nor watershed groups can adequately address the impacts. 

By developing public-private partnerships involving industry, government agencies, academia, and citizen grassroots organizations, projects can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Stream Restoration is involved in the following: 
  • construction of passive treatment systems
  • demonstration passive treatment systems
  • stream reconstruction
  • the restoration of riparian buffers
  • creation of wildlife habitat
  • GIS mapping
  • stream assessments

To accomplish the comprehensive goals, an interdisciplinary approach is imperative.  Our multi-functioning systems not only treat abandoned mine drainage but also restore sites to productive farm lands or to wildlife habitat, increasing neighboring property values.  As an example, the Goff Station Restoration Area is a multi faceted project that is treating five abandoned mine discharges.  In addition, this project is restoring the wildlife and habitat diversity that existed 100 years ago through stream reconstruction, riparian buffer planting, and wetland creation.  The Coalition has also constructed the first, man-made bat hibernaculum east of the Mississippi, which will house during the winter approximately 5,000 bats!

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