Help Plant a Wetland!

Once viewed as wastelands and harbingers of disease, wetlands have gained support among scientists and the public.  Wetlands are a valuable, natural resource that provide a variety of functions including: 
  • wildlife diversity
  • water purification
  • stormwater retention
  • shoreline stablization
  • natural fisheries
  • passive treatment
  • That's right!  Wetlands are useful for passive treatment.  Known as "nature's kidneys," wetlands help to maintain water quality by removing nutrients, sediment, and suspended metal solids from the water.  In the 1970's, scientists discovered that AMD flowing through natural wetlands reduced acidity and removed metals without becoming severely damaged themselves.  In passive treatment, natural characteristics of wetlands are mimicked to provide a final "polishing" of the water.  By slowing the flow, wetlands allow metal particulates to settle out of the water.  In addition, metal particulates are attracted to organic matter of the living, hydrophytic vegetation. 

    Passive treatment wetlands are constructed to provide maximum treatment and biodiversity.  If you or your organization would like to contribute by planting a wetland, contact Stream Restoration Inc.  Groups of all sizes and ages can help!  All you need is a willingness to get dirty!  Tours of the passive treatment system will be provided!

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